Immersive Training in Oil and Gas: Case Study


How Immersive Training is Revolutionizing the Oil and Gas Industry

Training Challenges in the Energy Business

When people who provide us with the energy in our homes make mistakes, disasters happen. Yet, training processes in the oil and gas industry have hardly changed despite advancements in immersive training technologies. Outdated training programs make employees complacent, which result in costly mistakes. Most oil spills are caused by human errors, and these mistakes keep happening despite the increased effort in improving safety training.

You’re an oil and gas training manager. Despite the updated training materials you developed, your trainees keep making the same mistakes. You have management asking for results and finance asking for the return on investment of the training. The pandemic prevented you from imparting on site classes but you persevered and successfully dictated online training. But you know there is only so much knowledge that can be taught via zoom calls, pdf documents, and powerpoint slides. You ask senior management to close a rig site for a day to train employees in real world operations but your request gets denied because closing a whole rig site for training would cost too much money. What do you do?

Increasing Oil and Gas Safety with Immersive Training

Immersive training improves upon many of the shortcomings of traditional training. Training in the classroom or in a rig site implies high risks and costs—both direct and indirect. Classroom classes are a dated way to deliver content, with students becoming complacent with the hundreds of slides and documentation they have to read. On the other hand, closing a rig site for training means incurring in transportation costs for the trainer and students, lost income for pausing the operations, a high risk situation for trainees who can get hurt, and ultimately the inability to mimic a real emergency—we cannot start a fire just for training purposes.

New immersive technologies for training are scalable to any company size, personalized to fit any training curriculum, and easily accessible. Immersive learning students enjoy the hands-on experience of training in a virtual environment. HSE and training managers appreciate the reduced costs for trainers, logistics, and long classroom sessions. All in all, everyone wins by having trainees be more engaged with the learning content.

VR, Desktop, and Mobile Training Platform

TrainBeyond is a cutting-edge learning tool that renovates education practices. It provides an immersive virtual environment that is available anytime and anywhere, from multiple devices, and simulates real emergency scenarios. Furthermore, we have gamification elements integrated in all parts of the training process, which ensures a greater student engagement and learning retention. Oil and gas employees who train with TrainBeyond love accessing a lifelike virtual environment with their peers in multiplayer mode, and training in real-life emergency situations with desktop, virtual reality (VR), and mobile devices.

In our comprehensive Oil and Gas training, we developed 3 modules based on industry standard glossaries and ISO, OSHA, and API Guidelines.

Rig Site Fundamentals Module:

Rig Site Components

In the rig site components exercise the student learns the location, look, and functionality of 36 fundamental rig site components. The test consists of correctly locating and answering multiple choice questions about the components.

Safety Awareness Module:

Hazard Identification

In the Hazard Identification exercise the student takes a safety tour throughout the rig site to identify 36 hazardous actions and policy non-compliance. During the test, the student has to locate, correctly identify the hazards, and classify them.

Risk Management

The Risk Management exercise consists of learning to identify, eliminate, mitigate, and manage 35 hazardous situations. During the test, the trainee will locate and identify hazardous situations, and answer correctly on how to mitigate them.

Emergencies Module:


Do you know what to do if a fire breaks out on the rig floor? In the Fire exercise, students practice handling a small fire during rig operations, and learn to select and operate a portable extinguisher. During the test the student has to follow the correct procedure to handle a fire in the rig site, and select the appropriate extinguisher following NFPA-10 guidelines.


In this exercise, students prepare to handle a spill event during rig operations and gain understanding of the equipment and procedures involved. Then, they are evaluated on following the correct procedure and their appropriate usage of the spill kit to handle this emergency..


During the blowout exercise the students will learn and practice blowout terms, equipment, and standard procedures. For the test, they will have to follow the correct procedure and answer multiple choice questions regarding blowout handling.


What’s that smell? The H2S exercise trains students in handling an H2S leak occurrence during rig operations, avoiding injuries, and following standard H2S protocols. To pass the test, they will have to follow the correct procedure to evacuate after an H2S leak, and then rescue a missing employee.

To round it all up, all exercises are integrated in our Learning Management System (LMS) that automatically grades student scores and tracks their progress through the training simulator. Training administrators can also use our LMS to manage student access, assign exercise, and identify top performers or students who need more training.

Level Up Your Workforce.

Do you want your own immersive training program? We would love to talk about how your company can benefit from a customized immersive training program. Let’s make your ideas a reality! We can get you a proof of concept in only a few days’ time.

TrainBeyond’s Oil and Gas unit is a comprehensive experience that proves the benefits of immersive training. Users of our free trial train in a virtual rig site from the comfort of their home using their desktop, on-the-go from their mobile phones, or can enjoy the near lifelike experience with their virtual reality headsets.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy the benefits of immersive training in oil and gas and get your own virtual exercises with TrainBeyond.

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