Metaverse Training Platform

TrainBeyond uses virtual reality technologies to increase knowledge retention and engagement. We leverage the metaverse for companies to enhance learning practices with immersive training.

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Transform Your Training Curriculum Into An Immersive Experience With The Metaverse

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Level Up Your Training On A Digital Learning Environment


Immersive Virtual Environment. Compatible with Oculus.

Multiplayer Capabilities

Train with your team connected from all over the world.

Mobile Experiences

Take your immersive learning with you and train from anywhere.

Offline Availability

TrainBeyond works even in areas with low or no internet connectivity.

Dedicated LMS

Instantaneous student tracking, automatic grading, and convenient student access.

Enter the Metaverse

Own your own virtual world and connect to a digital reality.

Gamified Exercises

Drive employee engagement with gamified experiences.

Custom Branding

Personalize the platform with your company's logo and brand colors.

Work a proof of concept of your training program in days, at no cost.


We Take Your Training Program And Translate It To Learning Structure Of The Platform

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Brief Gathering of the initial project requirements. Development of a basic demo and project proposal.

Research Study of the industry concepts required for the training curriculum and define the scope of the project.

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Design Composition of a high-fidelity prototype. This collection of screens lets you validate our content and adjust any requirements, ensuring we are aligned with your vision.

Development Use of agile methodologies to develop your training program in sprints that deliver incremental value.

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Quality Assurance Thorough testing across different devices and under scenarios to guarantee your requirements are met.

Rollout Close monitoring of the deployment according to customer and project guidelines.

TrainBeyond’s SDK allows any organization to bring their training program into life

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