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How the Metaverse Can Revolutionize Education and Training

By TrainBeyond | April 28, 2022

The Metaverse’s Role in Corporate Training

Innovation and new possibilities emerge with the metaverse. It offers digital learning solutions with broad capabilities to enhance the learning experience. The immersive trials provided by the metaverse improve learning retention in employee education and training.

The metaverse is among us to transform learning experiences with immersive technology. Imagine visiting and exploring your favorite planet from your classroom desk. Metaverse training offers significant benefits and development in various industries. 

Although the metaverse has garnered the most attention in the entertainment industry, it shows to have the most potential in the corporate field. This technology is a game-changer in business everyday interactions. Understanding this modality early on will allow you and your team to start finding ways to implement corporate e-skills education and improve your workforce’s capabilities.

An HR Manager had difficulty conducting their training program during the pandemic because people were at home. The manager decided to use the metaverse and virtual reality to onboard new employees, take them on a virtual tour of the offices and meet their coworkers. The new hires seemed to be more engaged as the onboarding process went smoothly. The new employees quickly learned about their roles, were pleased to be working for an innovative company, and were happy to interact with their coworkers even in a virtual environment.

The Metaverse Is An Open Door for New Opportunities

The metaverse is beneficial for education and training because of its ability to produce immersive environments. Employees learn more when interacting with their environment, not necessarily while reading an onboarding guide or listening to a trainer. The impact of the metaverse has an economic factor as well. Projections have shown that many jobs will be impacted by Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) by 2030. Metaverse training effectively blends theory and practice, inviting companies to adopt this increasingly popular technology. 

The metaverse allows for optimized learning retention, development, and employee engagement. Nowadays, remote learning and work are highly accepted. It is an ideal time to introduce your metaverse strategy to your organization. Trainees gain more value in the metaverse because they can interact, collaborate, practice repeated times and problem solve with peers and facilitators. This mechanism enables them to thrive while empowering their learning experiences.

What Do Statistics Say?

Companies worldwide are increasingly opting for remote or hybrid workplace environments. Therefore a new approach to education and training is of definite interest. A PWC study found that parallel to traditional classroom learners, employees who experienced immersive simulations in virtual reality learned four times faster, were 275% more confident to apply the skills learned in the simulations, and were over three times more engaged in the learning content. As if it wasn’t good enough, data has shown that VR can decrease employee training time by up to 60%, shortening downtime hours due to extensive physical training sessions.

The Metaverse in Action

You can use the metaverse for the following:

  • Onboarding new hires

Give a virtual tour of the offices and introduce coworkers.

  • Upskilling employees

Your team needs a fire simulator training. Instead of incurring logistics costs, for example, organize a VR training in the metaverse for your employees on how to operate a fire extinguisher without the real-life risks.

  • Refresher scenarios

With oil and gas training scenarios in the metaverse, TrainBeyond’s immersive experiences let oil workers refresh their knowledge in handling emergencies.

  • Customized solutions

Our team can design a customized training program in the metaverse if you have a new division or need a specific skill set to teach your teams. Besides learning a new method, trainees can practice different techniques using their avatars – how cool is that? In TrainBeyond’s metaverse training, metrics and progress are tracked to encourage further practice as it is required. Your employees will have experienced in-depth, hands-on training right from inside the digital world.

In Conclusion

Because the metaverse improves employee training, companies across all industries are capitalizing on this opportunity. The reason is simple: organizations that utilize the metaverse training have the advantage of a better-skilled workforce with basically no risks, no massive costs, and significant time efficiency. The metaverse’s learning systems are sustainable and can be designed to cover specific client needs.

Gift your team a more enjoyable experience in learning using this unique technology that promises an exceptional opportunity for growth. Change the way they work and allow a positive impact on your business with eLearning in a virtual environment.

If you were your employee, would you want your manager to go above and beyond to improve your training with the metaverse?

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