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What is VR Fire Simulator Training?

By TrainBeyond | April 28, 2022

Improving fire safety with virtual reality training  

Creating a real fire emergency to train workers on how to save lives is probably not the first idea that comes to mind. How can a workforce prepare for a fire emergency if they don’t experience one?  

In short, Fire Simulator Training allows trainees to experience a fire in virtual reality, preparing them for a real emergency. Sadly, fires can happen in different scenarios. Having the capability to handle the situation safely, will result in better outcomes. 

John was an experienced crew worker who did not enjoy spending his workday sitting in a classroom. He was attending a refresher course in fire management; however, he was bored because of the lack of hands-on training in fighting fires. As in every class, the instructor would walk in, read from a PowerPoint, hand out booklets and then leave. 

A week later, uncontrolled gas flaring ignited flammable nearby materials and caused a fire. Despite John’s training, he had never been in an actual fire situation before. He only managed to ring the alarm before evacuating and letting the Person in Charge (PIC) handle the fire. Following a safety review, the PIC realized that everyone in the rig crew needed more practical training in fire safety. However, he could not afford to close the rig site to train the workers. This is where the many benefits of VR Simulators for Fire Safety Training become evident.  

The importance of Fire Simulator Training

Understanding how to judge when in the middle of a hazardous situation and act accordingly is crucial to minimize risk for yourself and others.

Fire Simulator training is virtual exercises that recreate a real fire in a gamified environment. It allows trainees to evaluate conditions and experience confronting a fire without the risk. There is no need to incur on-site costs, such as logistics, organizers, materials, equipment, and simply losing production time. Fire Simulator Training is a cost-effective training solution that will save you tons and allow you to dive into the experience as you progress through the training courses. 

Fire safety competence is achievable through practice-based skills training. Learning how to connect hoses, properly use a fire extinguisher nozzle, recognize risk signs, and know how to manage stressful situations is nearly impossible just by reading books, listening to instructors, or watching videos.

How does TrainBeyond VR Fire Simulator Training work?

Fire Simulator Training is immersive, allows for easy repetition, is more engaging, and creates higher learning retention. Being immersed in a convincing and realistic environment will permit the trainee to learn how to act in such situations and use equipment and methods correctly.

Trainees will be able to enhance readiness with visual demonstration scenarios and strategies. Virtual training will help understand which response actions need to be taken when out in the field.

What do we offer?

Do you know what instructions to follow if a fire breaks out in your workplace? In TrainBeyond’s VR fire simulator training, trainees have to follow the correct procedures by practicing managing a small fire during rig operations and learning to control a portable extinguisher following NFPA-10 guidelines.

There has been an increased interest in Virtual Simulation and VR thanks to risk-free and cost-effective factors that make it a solution worth implementing. TrainBeyond offers Virtual Reality, Desktop, and Mobile fire simulator training to better serve our clients. Hospitals, office buildings, schools, and more can be potential fire settings. TrainBeyond has developed a set of emergency modules to assess the trainees’ readiness to battle fire emergencies. 

TrainBeyond VR Fire Simulator Details

  • Practice handling a small fire during rig operations, and learn to selectand use a portable extinguisher. Information based on NFPA-10 standards.
  • Includes classification of fire extinguishers based on OSHA, API, and ISO with three modes –  Explore, Practice, and Test.
  • Follow the correct procedure during the test (including selecting the accurate extinguisher) to handle a fire in the rig site.

TrainBeyond’s fire simulator training is based on OSHA, API, and NFPA standards.


To develop the skills and experience necessary to be safe, Fire Training Simulators are the best solution to fulfill the modern workforce’s training needs. You can try our VR Fire Simulator for free.

Try Our VR Fire Simulator

Are you ready to take your team’s training to the next level? Enjoy the advantages of immersive fire simulator training and get your virtual training exercises with TrainBeyond.

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