About Us

Engaging New Audiences Through Smart Approach

TrainBeyond is a metaverse-connected LMS where you can host an immersive, risk-free and retention-focused version of your traditional training curriculum.

The TrainBeyond team is comprised of the best software engineering talent in the world, helping you bring your training programs to another level.

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Integrated performance measurability for your operational training programs.

The Admin Site (LMS) is the center for all training reports. From there, you can monitor your team members’ progress and test results.

Easily accessible on mobile devices

No virtual experience is complete without mobile. TrainBeyond’s framework allows any training environment to be translated to mobile devices seamlessly.

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Gamification: a powerful tool to drive trainee engagement

Gamification taps into intrinsic motivations from users. TrainBeyond’s gamification concept mixes training evaluation with badges and awards that make trainees enjoy their learning experience and amplify content retention.

VR Optimized Training experiences

Own your personalized 3D virtual environment which can be accessed online by multiple people at the same time. Provide your team with an immersive and collaborative learning experience.

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Remote Training Is A Scalable And Cost-Effective Tool

Lifelike, scalable, personalized, easily accessible, and process-based training. Industry-standardized incorporated e-learning and micro-learning content—with no cost for trainers nor logistics, and no long classroom sessions.

On-site Training

  • High risk and direct / indirect costs

  • Dated way to deliver content

  • Does not mimic a real emergency

  • Difficult to measure


  • Available anytime, anywhere, from multiple devices

  • Immersive Virtual Environment

  • Real emergency scenarios

  • Real-time measurability